Toys For Collectors

Collectors Toy Department

Collectors Toy Department, which boasts of its varied product lineups and IP-based business development, was established to provide high-quality, high-value-added products centered on figures and robots for the collectors market. TAMASHII NATIONS, a unified brand for all products launched in 2008, has grown to the present as a brand that is loved by all fans. Many brands, including Chogokin, S.H. Figuarts, and Metal Build, are expanding their markets throughout the world.

Business strength

BANDAI SPIRITS operates Tamashii web, an official website that provides information on its varied product lineups and characteristics and showcases the company's attention to detail, such as high quality and high added value, and is expanding commentary video distribution. In addition, by hosting large events such as TAMASHII NATIONS in Tokyo’s Akihabara and World Tours and NORTH AMERICA TOURS overseas, it considers it important to provide customers with opportunities to see and touch actual products directly.
BANDAI SPIRITS also focuses on overseas sales, and in 2018, it started to offer its products through T-Mall, China’s No. 1 online shopping site.
In the same year, it launched a membership service called “Club Tamashii Members.” In 2019, it opened TAMASHII NATIONS Tokyo, the world’s first and only directly managed flagship shop, in Akihabara. The company aims to provide services reflecting its appreciation for customers’ long-standing patronage.

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Hobby Products Department

The Hobby Products Department develops products making the most of high-level technological capabilities with a focus on the GUNPLA Series, which continues to evolve as the company pursues incessant technological development and introduces new concept works. It is taking on new challenges by actively introducing new and original content, acquiring more target customers, and stepping up overseas business development so that plastic model culture can spread to a wider range of customers. In addition, it operates 16 directly-managed GUNDAM Base shops in four countries/areas of the world. THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO, which opened in 2017, communicates the latest GUNPLA information to the rest of the world from its location in Odaiba. And the second such store opened in November 2019 in Fukuoka: THE GUNDAM BASE FUKUOKA. 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of GUNPLA. A range of special events will be taking place to celebrate this occasion, with the aim of further expanding business operations.

Business strength

The Hobby Products Department provides products and services in the plastic model business that convey the joy of building, the essential pleasure of plastic models, and the joy of new discoveries, obtained in the course of creating things. The company seeks to convey the essential value of plastic models---the joy of building and learning more about models through their construction---to all people irrespective of nationality, gender, and age.
In the future, the company will continue to work on the development of new products so that a s many people a s pos s ible can experience the joy of building.

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The character lottery

Lot&Innovation Department

Lot&Innovation Department develops business mainly through Ichiban KUJI, which provides a wide range of customers with the enjoyment of drawing lots and the excitement of drawing prizes. Ichiban KUJI offers more than 70 products annually. BANDAI SPIRITS aims to develop products that precisely meet the needs of various customers, who love its works. In 2019, it started to develop character nails and other businesses that target adult women, mainly based on the Mellowtrill brand, whose slogan is “As many new days as your favorites begin.”

Business strength

Ichiban KUJI sells various kinds of character goods at convenience stores---the outlets closest to daily life. It also offers products other than animation works in conjunction with convenience stores’ promotional campaigns. Ichiban KUJI simultaneously develops several materials into products, thus taking over the worldview of works and providing products that highly satisfy users. BANDAI SPIRITS’ lot business leads the industry through original sales methods such as Double Chance Campaigns and the last-one prizes. In the future, it will develop products that please not only end users but also distributors.

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Prize Department

Prize Department plans, develops, and sells premiums for Crane-type games and other amusement machines, as well as engages in sales promotions for such premiums. In product development, the Department places emphasis on valuing the images and worldviews of characters and develops products that all character lovers can enjoy irrespective of gender and age.
It will deliver excitement to customers by providing the joy of getting premiums and enriching services with value added thereto.

Business strength

The Department manufactures products with the aim of achieving the highest customer satisfaction in the amusement industry by precisely identifying the needs of diverse target markets. It has offered various brands such as the Qposket Series, a deformed character brand, which represents the charm of characters to the full, the Grandista Series, which boasts of the overwhelming and delicate quality of its forms, the ESPRESTO Series, figurative art which faithfully renders the charms of characters, and has constantly developed new user needs. In order to meet the needs of a wide range of customers irrespective of age and gender, the department is developing stuffed toys through varicolored design arrangements and bringing them to the market swiftly, thus ushering in a new phase in the amusement industry.

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BANPRESTO Brand Global Strategy Department

BANPRESTO Brand Global Strategy Department offers prizes and Ichiban KUJI products developed in the prize and lottery businesses to toy distributors and collectors worldwide by localizing them in overseas markets. Focusing on products in the low-price range, it is striving to develop them into figure brands that garner the support of users across the world as entry brands.

Business strength

The strength of BANPRESTO Brand Global Strategy Department is working with prize and lottery businesses to localize product lineups developed in these businesses so that they suit the respective countries where BANDAI markets them. In doing so, localized products are thus made to fit the format of overseas toy and figure distribution. It also works with local sales companies and distributors to make active efforts to increase sales in new countries and acquire new customers.

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Food Entertainment Department

The original GUNDAM Café, located in Akihabara, is the place for everything GUNDAM. Given its popularity among GUNDAM fans, the Food Entertainment Department has been working to open up GUNDAM Café stores in other locations across Japan, and plans to refurbish GUNDAM Café Ak ihabara in 2020. It al so runs FortuneLatte, a service providing limitless fun with a latte printer.

Business strength

The Department has evolved and developed the character food business it cultivated through GUNDAM Café, which opened in 2010. It provides not only cafés, but also taverns, dining, and various other types of businesses with services that combine characters, food and beverage, and entertainment.
By producing entertainment spaces using imagery and hands-on experience, the Department will provide enjoyable places that take fans by surprise and develop the character food business to an extent never seen before.

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