Hobby Products Division
Global Business DepartmentCreation Department

The Global Business Department and Creation Department under the Hobby Products Division have developed products taking advantage of high technological level centering around the GUNPLA Series, which continues evolving through restless technology development and the introduction of new concept works. We try to proactively introduce original and new contents, expand the target base and strengthen development abroad so that we can spread the culture of plastic models to more customers.
We would like to share the essential value of plastic models, namely, the joy of creation and of knowing more about it through creation, with all people, regardless of nationality, gender and age.
We will continue to develop new products so that many people can experience the “joy of creation.”

Business strength

We offer plastic model business products and services in order to convey the “joy of creation,” which is an original pleasure of plastic models, and the new “joy of discovery” obtained in the process of creation. Directly managed GUNDAM BASE stores are operated in 16 outlets in 4 areas of the world. THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO which opened in 2017, sends the latest information on GUNPLA from Odaiba to all over the world. In addition, in November 2019, THE GUNDAM BASE FUKUOKA, the second shop in Japan, opened in Fukuoka. Moreover, the accumulated number of shipments of GUNPLA products surpassed 700 million in May 2020, which marked the 40th anniversary of GUNPLA’s launch. We are currently engaged in various projects and aim to further expand the business by conveying the “joy of creating things” through plastic models.

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Toys For Collectors

Collectors Toy Department

The Collectors Toy Department was established to provide an extensive lineup and IP development centering of figures for the collectors’ market, with high-quality, high added-value products. There are many brands, including CHOGOKIN, S.H.Figuarts, and METAL BUILD, and since 2008, all products have been unified under TAMASHII NATIONS (spirit nations), which is growing as a beloved brand by fans within Japan and across the globe.

Business strength

TAMASHII NATIONS has high-quality and high value-added product characteristics as well as various lineups and IPs. It is planned, developed and curated in Japan and constant efforts are being made to improve its quality.
To explain the dedication to the products in detail, the official website TAMASHII Web and the delivery of explanatory videos are being enhanced. In 2018, membership service CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS was launched, and in the following year, the first and only directly managed flagship shop in the world, TAMASHII NATIONS TOKYO, opened in Akihabara. We have also focused on new sales overseas, and from 2018, we started placing products on T-MALL, online marketplace in China.
Moreover, we value the opportunity to experience actual products by holding the large-scale TAMASHII NATION event every year in Akihabara, Tokyo, and events abroad. We aim to provide products and services that satisfy our fans.

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The character lottery

Lot&Innovation Department

The Lot&Innovation Department offers mainly Ichibankuji, which provides the enjoyment of a lottery draw and the inspiration of winning it to various customers. More than 70 works are commercialized annually by Ichibankuji. We aim for commercialization that tries to meet the needs of various customers who love the works. Moreover, we offer products targeting mature women such as Ichibancoffret, which has a lineup featuring cosmetics and related goods. We also offer Ichibankuji ONLINE, making purchases easy anytime, anywhere. We also localized Ichibankuji for the global market and provide it to customers around the world.

Business strength

Ichibankuji sells various kinds of character goods at convenience stores, a market closely connected to daily life. In addition, we proactively commercialize works other than animation works in conjunction with convenience store campaigns. By commercializing multiple products at once, Ichibankuji adheres to the world views of the works and enables commercialization that is highly satisfactory for users. The lotto business continues to offer products that satisfy not only end users but also sales and distribution, by leading the industry with creative sales methods unique to lottery such as the “double chance campaign” and “last one prize.”

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Banpresto Department

The Banpresto Department is working on sales and promotion activities including planning, developing and sales of prizes for amusement such as crane-type game machines domestically. In commercialization, we are dedicated to the impression or perspective of the characters and offer the products to everybody who loves the characters regardless of gender or age. By providing the enjoyment of acquiring prizes and enhancing value-added services, we strive to deliver excitement to customers.
Prizes are localized when offered abroad and we are offered for worldwide distribution and customers. Regarding the price range, low-price-range merchandise is central, and we strive to grow as an entry brand figure (doll) brand that will be supported by worldwide users.

Business strength

Precisely grasping the needs of a wide range of targets, we always aim for manufacturing with No. 1 customer satisfaction in the amusement industry. We offer various brands such as déformer brand Q posket Series that maximally expresses the charm of characters, the Grandista Series that boasts overwhelming but subtle formative quality, and the ESPRESTO Series that strongly extracts the charm of the characters, while constantly pioneering and fostering new user needs. In addition, to respond to the wide range of customers regardless of age and gender, we offer a series of stuffed toys such as Tomonui and Pofutto with various designs, and strive to swiftly bring fresh perspectives to the amusement market.
Regarding offerings abroad, we provide a product lineup developed in Japan to manga and anime fans worldwide by localizing the sales method to be suitable for each country and region.

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Food Entertainment Department

The Food Entertainment Department offers GUNDAM Café nationwide, which many customers visit as a place that all GUNDAM fans can enjoy. In 2020, we opened GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE as a flagship shop offering food and entertainment.

Business strength

We are further advancing and developing the character food business cultivated with GUNDAM Café since its opening in 2010.
In July 2020, we developed in Akihabara “an experience-based entertainment restaurant” where an original menu, various goods, and show programs and talk events can be enjoyed.
We provide spaces where characters, eating and drinking, and entertainment are integrated, and people can become immersed in the world of GUNDAM.
We will pursue an unprecedented character food business that creates not only the food menus, but also time and space through coordinated video and participation, providing fans with an enjoyable and amazing experience.

  • GUNDAM Café

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