We do not put an exclusive focus on adult customers as our
product lineup is designed to provide a new play pattern for all
types of customers and to deliver “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” all around the world.


Dreams and Creation
the Global Leader in Hobby Entertainment


Break Out of the Box.Wow the World!

BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD. works to substantially accelerate the pace of expansion of products and services among BANDAI's mature fan base along with overseas business growth.
The company name “BANDAI SPIRITS” indicates the passion of its people, who wish to take over Bandai's founding principle “Bandai Fueki (Eternally Unchanging): Always create products that satisfy people of all ages and pursue incessant corporate growth” and provide products and services with dreams, fun, and inspiration all around the world.
Under its vision of becoming the leading innovator in global entertainment, BANDAI SPIRITS is resolute in advancing its comprehensive entertainment business with toys for mature fans, Plastic Model Kits, prizes, and sundry goods. In addition, the company will take on new challenges as it aims to become a company that always takes pride in its connections with customers and fans worldwide, and will continue to provide products and services that both transcend conventional concepts of entertainment and astonish the world.


BANDAI SPIRITS is to plan, develop, manufacture, and sell products and services,
including toys for mature fans, Plastic Model Kits, prizes, and sundry goods.other items sold at convenience stores .

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