We do not put an exclusive focus on adult customers as our
product lineup is designed to provide a new play pattern for
all types of customers and to deliver “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” all around the world.


Dreams and Creation
the Global Leader in Hobby Entertainment


With “SPIRITS” in every product and service

BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD. was established in 2018 with the purpose of accelerating business growth in the global market targeted at a mature fan base.
Putting “SPIRITS” into products and services, under the vision of being the “The Global Leader in Hobby Entertainment” we are advancing our global business development with toys for mature fans, plastic models, prizes and sundry goods as the core.
Each business offers and strengthens category brands such as GUNPLA, TAMASHII NATIONS, Ichibankuji, and BANPRESTO.
For higher quality and greater enjoyment of customers, we strive for global business growth by increasing the originality and value of each brand.
We will take on various challenges so that our products and services will enrich the everyday lives of our many global customers and fans and will revitalize communication and continue surprising them.
Please look forward to BANDAI SPIRITS.


BANDAI SPIRITS is to plan, develop, manufacture, and sell products and services,
including toys for mature fans, Plastic Model Kits, prizes, and sundry goods.other items sold at convenience stores .

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