[Initiatives for product safety]

BANDAI SPIRITS, which develops products for mature fans, makes the most of the experience that have been gained at BANDAI and BANPRESTO over the years to ensure that customers can use its products appropriately with a sense of security. We have established guidelines for information (how to assemble and use, matters to note, etc.) that allow customers to use its products safely, as well as standards for the structure of products, such as strength that does not cause problems if they are used normally, and have delivered products to customers according to such guidelines and standards.

Quality standards

[Initiatives for product quality]

BANDAI SPIRITS outsources the production of most of its products to partner factories in Japan and abroad. The quality of these products is confirmed by inspectors arranged by the company before they are shipped. BANDAI SPIRITS delivers products that pass various tests and inspections.

On-site quality control activity

[Initiatives at production factories]

Final packing factories, which produce BANDAI SPIRITS products, undergo not only new factory audits but also continuous factory audits. These factories periodically confirm their manufacturing systems such as countermeasures against contamination with foreign substances, continuous working hours, and the work environment, such as fire-fighting equipment inspections, thus striving to maintain and improve the level of their operation.

  • Confirming the operation of
    needle detectors

  • Confirming the management of
    tools and fixtures

[Initiatives for technology and monozukuri (manufacturing)]

In developing products for mature fans, BANDAI SPIRITS pursues the valuable worldview and formation of characters that fit their taste. We are working to develop products demanded by society making free use of high-level technology and manufacturing skills such as the real reproduction of scenes from works and the subtle designs of gimmicks.

PROPLICA Nichirinto (Tanjiro Kamado)

[Environmental Conservation at the BANDAI HOBBY CENTER]

At the BANDAI HOBBY CENTER, we are carrying out a variety of strategies to promote environmental conservation. Solar panels installed on the outer walls of the HOBBY CENTER generate a total of 56,000 kWh annually, which is used to power the facility. Meanwhile, a water recycling system enables the facility to use 2,000 tons of rain and groundwater annually.

Large solar panels installed on the facility wall